Life? It's wine. Just like Istria, the unique region connecting no less than three European countries (Italy, Slovenia and Croatia), wine has always been part of us. We lived of it in the past, just as we do today, and in return we will give it every little bit of our everyday lives. For us, wine is Istria.

Little is needed, because Istria gives profusely. Just take a bit of red earth and a rock from our vineyards, and you'll feel the energy and the nature with which we have been endowed. The story of this land goes far back into history. It is our inheritance, handed over to us - for care and safekeeping.

Winemaking and winegrowing is in the blood of us contadini. As part of the historic routes, wine has been produced here, stored in barrels and amphorae, and transported around the world for centuries. It has always been a message! So it is today, when in a bottle labelled Coronica we convey the spirit of the Istrian land, the indigenous varieties and the local way of life.

So maybe it won't sound pretentious to say that by working our land, among the vines, we have been shaping our own lives. It is our duty to leave to our children the same land that we have been left with. We work this land with all our heart and soul. And on this path we want to leave our mark, woven into the local indigenous varieties, Istrian Malvasia and Teran.